Magnetek Modernizes in Our Own Backyard

Thanks to Magnetek, students living in Schroeder Hall won’t be able to use the excuse that they were late to class because of their hall’s sluggish elevators.

Magnetek Quattro AC Cube

Marquette Schroeder Hall

When frequent elevator service issues began negatively impacting students’ busy schedules at Marquette University’s Schroeder Hall, the university began looking a more energy efficient and reliable solution to keep student traffic flowing smoothly. The 10-story Schroeder Hall residence building, in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, has been well maintained and even remodeled (though more than a decade ago). However, its pair of aging geared induction elevators remained relatively untouched over the years.

Two DC-geared motors served as the backbone of the system and were powered by antiquated motor- generator-set controls. To help the university achieve its goal of higher efficiency while delivering a reliable and smoother ride, Magnetek provided two Quattro® AC Cube Elevator Drives with integrated regeneration.

Using Quattro AC elevator drives integrated with new controllers from GAL Manufacturing Corp., the elevator system achieved high levels of functionality, safety, and comfort, as well as:

  • Utilization of an optional feature that allows elevators to operate at full speed even when operating on emergency power
  • Improved operating efficiency: the Quattro AC drive reduces the peak power demand and overall energy consumption
  • Near-unity power factor and clean harmonics (IEEE 519 standards)
  • Improved ride quality
Quattrp AC Cube Magnetek

Schroeder Hall Machine Room

For access to the full version of our success story, visit our website.



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