How to Prepare for an Elevator Modernization Project

Modernization_Square_BlogYou shouldn’t wait until your existing elevator system begins to fail before taking the time to evaluate your elevator system to determine if the time is right to start planning a modernization effort.

Preparation is key to ensure that an elevator modernization project is successful. If you make the decision to modernize you existing DC system, Magnetek recommends that a qualified motor analysis and repair company perform a comprehensive DC motor evaluation before building owners begin a modernization project.

By taking the time to evaluate your elevator system now, rather than later, you have the opportunity to identify problems that will require immediate repair before they shut your system down and create issues for your customers.

“Operating a modernized elevator system that’s from 25% to 45% more efficient not only saves on energy costs, but coupled with new controller technology can reduce wait times for customers and help deliver the efficient, state-of-the-art experience that tenants desire,” according to Ed Butte, Director of Magnetek’s Elevator business unit. “A Modernization project not only delivers improved performance, it also provides an efficient solution that allows building owners to retrofit their existing equipment providing both a longer useful life of the equipment and lower installation costs.”

It is recommended that building owners who are considering an elevator modernization conduct a pre-modernization inspection and repair. This process should include:
• A physical inspection of the entire system
• A complete electrical evaluation
• A comprehensive motor cleaning and/or repair
• Verification of any and all repair work
• Vertical lifting consultant analysis
• Recommendation of modernization options

DC Machine Specific Evaluation Procedures:

• Complete system inspection
• Insulation testing (before and after cleaning)
• Diagnostic AC voltage drop test of motor fields
• Infrared hot spot detection or thermography while in operation
• Mechanical vibration analysis
• Electrical signature analysis while in operation
• Impedance balance measurements of armature resistance, inductance, and capacitance

For more information about elevator modernization, contact Magnetek at 800.236.1705 or visit



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